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Friday, August 20, 2010

Blast from the Past

These are pictures of some beautiful finished cross stitch I found at a garage sale today. My husband and I were looking at some furniture and out of the corner of my eye I spotted these beauties on a table in the back of the garage. Its like they knew I was there and just called my name...saying were back here...take us home with you. There are four total and the nice lady let me have them all for $25. My husband had his money out in his hand as soon as he saw me looking at them. He knew I wasn't going to leave without them. I forgot to ask the woman what her name was. But she told me these were done by her Aunt Gabriella who had recently died. She kept her favorite ones and wanted to sell these. They were all done between 1981-1994. They look like they were all done on 14ctAida. She cross stitched the date on all of them and as you can see one has her name stitched. Some of them have notes written on the back as the backs are covered with a brown paper. They are very nicely framed and I can't wait to find places to hang them up. Thank you Aunt Gabriella for leaving such beautiful work behind for others to share and admire and thanks to the woman who sold them to me. I feel blessed at her generosity in sharing her Aunts cross stitch and that I was the lucky one to find them first. They are a treasure. Please comment and share your stories about cross stitch you have collected from garage sales or any other place you were lucky enough to find cross stitch items that were stitched by a stranger for you to enjoy. Happy Stitching!